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Media Relations

The most important forum to build public awareness, understanding and support for issues and ideas is the media. To be successful in this forum, companies must know their story – and have messages that are true, provable, straightforward, and repeatable.

Flaherty & Associates prides itself on its media relations efforts and success. We have a strong media relations philosophy built on respecting the reporters who cover public discussions.

As former print and broadcast journalists, we know what good stories look like, and what resources journalists might need to cover those stories. We work with organizational leaders, spokespeople and advocates to help improve their understanding of and work more effectively with the media.

Media Support
• Leadership Counsel
• Message Development
• Media Relationship and Outreach Assistance
• Media Training

Media tactical support
• Press Conferences
• Press and Video Releases
• Opinion/Editorial Writing
• Letters to the Editor Support

Marketing – Paid Media
• Posters
• Print and Radio Ads
• Outdoor ads
• Sponsorships