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Issues Management

"Issues" are ideas. In the world of politics, representative democracy, regulation, and executive priorities, the battle of ideas is essentially a battle over our future: How and who we tax, how and what we regulate, the programs we choose to fund; and the policy priorities – such as energy and conservation – we put into rules and laws.

These ideas matter – and Flaherty & Associates has more than a decade of experience helping groups win in the battlefield of ideas.

Flaherty & Associates has deep political experiences as reporters, legislative staff and special interest advocates – and is uniquely qualified to help organizations succeed. We design multi-faceted issue advocacy campaigns - by creating strategic alliances and developing legislative action plans. And we work with rank and file members - on leadership training and community outreach efforts.

Issue Advocacy
• Research
• Develop Strategic Alliances
• Build Successful Issue Campaign Plans

Grassroots Organizing
• Leadership Development
• Membership Recruitment
• Training

Community Relations
• Audience Assessment
• Coalition-building
• Third-party Ambassadors